Full Service Piano Technician – Moving, Tuning, Storage, Repairs and Regulation

Call Jacob at (251) 753-9592 to schedule an appointment any day of the week.

Piano Moving

  • The most affordable prices around.
  • Prompt, thoughtful service.  We call when we are coming, arrive on-time and tell you how long we will take.  We know you are busy.
  • Storage Options Available.
  • Fully insured and licensed.
  • Full Service Piano Technician trained in piano moving by legends of the trade.
  • We use the very best equipment and techniques to ensure the safety of your home and your precious piano.
  • We are the official piano movers for the Steinway Eastern Shore (steinwayes.com).  We move pianos for the Saenger Theatre, The University of Mobile, and The University of South Alabama.

Piano Tuning

  • We bring the very best piano tuning technology to bear for the greatest accuracy and so you don’t have to pay for tunings as often.
  • Prompt.  We will be there on-time, contact you when we are on our way, and let you know how long it will take.
  • Focused on giving great value for your dollar.  If we can fix something easily we don’t charge extra.
  • We offer full-service, focused on preventing problems like sticking keys before they become a problem.  We do a full inspection of every piano and make what adjustments we can for no extra money.

Piano Repairs

  • Experienced and well-trained technician.
  • If we can’t fix it (very rare) we will find you someone who can.
  • Focused on giving great value and quick turnaround.
  • Quote a price range to save you money if a job is easier than expected.
  • We use the best tools made for the job we are doing.

Piano Regulation

  • Piano regulation is the process of realigning the internal working components of a piano for optimum performance.
  • As grooves wear in the felt hammers and wood expands and contracts parts become misaligned.  Imagine a golfer trying to play with one high-heel and one golf shoe on.  The golfer will lose her touch.
  • A properly regulated piano will allow the pianist to play loudly and, more noticeably, very softly.
  • The keys are level and the piano feels the same across the entire scale, so the pianist can really express themselves through their instrument.